Ethikate® is a specialist brand & IP law firm…founded on integrity and with a rebellious and fearless spirit to push the boundaries of conventional legal practice. Ethikate® dares to be different.

Ethikate® is a niche law firm providing specialist advice and services in intellectual property (IP) & brand protection strategies including trademark searches, trademark applications, trademark registration and enforcement and copyright advice for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business.

Ethikate® was a top 3 finalist in the Boutique Law Firm of the Year category of the 2017 Victorian Legal Awards and was awarded Best Brand Protection Boutique Australian Firm and Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year 2016 with UK finance and legal publication AI Global Media!

Working closely with an amazing calibre of entrepreneurial clients, Ethikate® strives to develop and help its clients to implement innovative, tailored and sensible IP and brand protection solutions, without over complicated legalese or the big firm price tag.

Please note that Ethikate is not currently taking new clients at this point in time. Please check back later or sign up to our mailing list to stay in touch. 

Our Team

Kate Ritchie, Principal Lawyer & Trade Marks Attorney

BSc, BA, LLB (Hons Class I), DipLegPrac

Kate Ritchie Ethikate Brand & IP Protection TrademarkEthikate’s Principal Lawyer & Trade Marks Attorney, Kate Ritchie, has a strong commercial background acting in both commercial and legal roles, over the last 13 years. Kate has worked across NSW, Qld and now Vic with high profile major event organisations, top tier and boutique law firms, small to medium businesses, government agencies and large corporates across a broad range of commercial and intellectual property law services.

Kate has broad ranging competency in all aspects of legal services including intellectual property law, brand protection, commercial and business transactions, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, internet law, privacy, competition and consumer law and media law.

Delivering strategic advice that encompasses both commercial and technical aspects, Kate is able to identify innovative, yet commercially sensible solutions for clients as well as establishing strong client and key stakeholder relationships.

Kate’s passion for brand development and protection is second to none and she wants to share her knowledge, years of experience and expertise with her clients to help them make better brand decisions.

Kate prides herself on being professional yet approachable, and is passionate about providing specialist, tailored, cost effective services to her clients.

Kate currently has a full client load and is therefore not currently taking on new clients or offering consults.

Susana Repse, Lawyer & Trade Marks Attorney

LLB, DipLegPrac, GradDipIP

Sydney-based Susana has worked in trade marks law and litigation both in private practice and in house for large corporate’s. Like Kate, Susana takes a professional and friendly yet no nonsense approach in providing legal advice.

Susana works closely with Kate to help her deliver work at a premium standard and in a timely manner.

Susana is currently overseas on sabbatical for the next 6 months and is not available for consultations.


Our Values

  1. Doing things differently – we will continue to push the boundaries with a rebellious spirit and a passion for doing things differently. We will not merely settle for mediocre, generic or ‘safe’.
  2. Integrity in all that we do – we will never compromise on integrity by remaining true to ourselves, true to our clients and true to each other.
  3. Leading by example – we will endeavour to inspire those around us to be the best they can be by being the best we can be, and lead by example.
  4. Humility in all that we do – success is not defined by status or numbers, but rather by the strength of our character. We will not lose perspective of who we are and why we do what we do.
  5. Intelligence and intellectual curiosity – we will maintain and respect a passion for learning, ongoing education and the application of independent thoughts and ideas, acquired via a combination of life experiences and formal education.
  6. Excellence – we will never settle for less. We will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. We will expect the same of our colleagues – no more, no less.
  7. Accountability and compassion – we will recognise our mistakes and we will own them. Equally, we will have compassion for those around us and remember that no one is perfect.
  8. A thirst for innovation – there are always new technologies and better ways to do things. We embrace innovation and encourage continuous personal and professional improvement.
  9. Collaboration – the most effective way to work is in collaboration with others. Two heads are better than one and we respect that everyone has something to offer, regardless of position.
  10. Respect for others and the environment – there is more to life than paper and profit. Success can be achieved whilst still maintaining ethics, sustainability and respect for all beings and the environment.

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