Brand Protection Services

Kate Hamer Ethikate - MoustacheBrand protection is what we do best!

Creating a strong brand takes time and effort but is essential in setting your business apart from competitors and signifying the quality and value of your products or services. It is certainly not something to take lightly or only half invest in.

At Ethikate®, we work closely with our clients to create tailored brand protection strategies that not only address our client’s business needs and future plans, but are also cost-effective. Once an appropriate brand protection strategy is in place to safeguard our client’s assets, we continue to work with our clients to ensure their brands grow with their business.

Some of the brand protection services we provide include:

  • Brand & IP ‘Health’ Checks™
  • Brand and trademark clearance searches
  • Brand and IP management
  • Trademark registration services
  • Branding rights, sponsorships and licensing
  • Trademark Enforcement
  • Brand use guidelines and policies

We also offer a flexible of Brand & Intellectual Property Packages to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Check out our Brand & Intellectual Property Protection Packages.

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