Internet & Ecommerce Law

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial to ensure you are ahead of the pack.

Utilising your business’s website and implementing an effective social media strategy will not only help establish your brand in the global marketplace, but also allow you to converse directly with your current and potential customer base.

However there are many risks that come with going online and it is critical that you know what these are and get the right legal support to mitigate these risks.

Ethikate® offers comprehensive online and ecommerce advisory and risk management solutions that include:

  • Website terms of use and policies
  • Privacy policies
  • Website, social media & e-marketing advisory
  • Copyright protection
  • Domain name registration and recovery
  • Australian Consumer Law advice
  • Services and supply agreements
  • IP and software Licensing
  • Web, design, hosting and creative services agreements and advisory services